I have been writing since I was a little girl.

Stories, songs, plays, cards, poems, journaling… As an introvert, it was the best way I could communicate my thoughts and ideas, a way of interpreting the world, discovering new things in the process. I was constantly inspired by the expansive countryside that surrounded me.

When my family welcomed a new dog named Cocoa into our home, my life changed dramatically. I had always been connected with animals, but this new being brought that connection to a heightened level and she quickly became my best friend. Through the unpredictable twists and turns of the years that followed, we shared an extraordinary journey together.

This bond of love and later enormity of loss drove me to pour my experience onto paper. To remember and to heal. My writing was guided by the most intense emotion I have ever felt. Our story is one I share to touch hearts and inspire others, chronicling the incredible depth of companionship, offering comfort and hope to those who have lost their special friends, recognizing they are never truly gone. Indeed, the mark that Cocoa has left on my heart is eternal.